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Skydda a posted Jan 4, 13
Finally! A new website, a fancy design, a even fancier forum and last, but not least, we finally don't have to pay 9 bucks a month anymore for this booooring design!

Brace yourselves and enjoy girly, awesome design at its finest! Special thanks to Daenelia who went through aaaall of this with me, set up many things so I wouldn't have to... enough of the cheesiness now, go and see for yourself! 

iSpy WvW event this weekend

Skydda a posted Nov 7, 12
On 10 November (Saturday) we will have a guild WvW event!
There will be three teams...
Team Alpha: assault squad. They'll lead the forces to conquer those who oppose us.
Team Beta: defense team. Team Beta will look after the conquered areas and make sure that its safety is garantueed.
Team Delta: Raiding squad, they will move behind enemy lines and take out the enemies supply camps.

When exactly and where we meet will be announced soon! Until then you can have a look at the respective planning thread.

dss_live You people spend way to much time on these names lol, they just sounded cool.
Manny Yeah, that whole "that's not the Greek alphabet?" thing was making me mad too. Anyhow. Team Beta ...
Daenelia I thought it should be Team Arawn, Team Badwolf, Team Chonex and Team Dae.

Pre-headstart round-up

Skydda a posted Aug 24, 12
Well, well, well. Headstart is less than 24 hours away and we figured you might want a general overview over how things will go during the next few days. 

Saturday, 4 am (GMT): From now, servers might be on. 

Server choice: We are going to play on Aurora Glade. If that server should be full from the beginning, we will play on Whiteside Ridge.

Name reservation: If you don't want to get up early and need some names reserved, ask here if someone has free spots and tell them which names to reserve for you. Please remember that most of us have names to reserve and will probably first reserve their own names before reserving yours. You will have to tell them to delete their characters (with your names) 24 hours in forward since the name remains reserved for a certain time after deletion.

Saturday, 7 am (GMT): Headstart officially starts! Enjoy your stay! 

Guild invitations: We will be sending guild invitations as fast as we can. However, we're not gods (even if it might seem so sometimes), so if you don't have an invitation 1 hour after the servers went up, please write us a message on here.

Tome Of Influence: A little request from our influence manager Manny. Please don't spend your tome of influence at the beginning. Wait until he tells you to do so. That way, we can make sure we are getting the most out of them. I'm sure Manny would be thankful if you fulfilled his request!

Sunday, 11 am (GMT): We will meet in Divinity's Reach at the Central Plaza, right in front of the asuran gate to Lion's Arch. From there we will go on a suicide mission (with a photosession before we're off to die). And after that... probably even more suicide when we try to have success in WvW!

Guild activities: We don't have anything planned for the first few days. Just enjoy the game! However, you might want to join us on Tuesday, 28 August at 6 pm (GMT), for our Hide and Seek game! On 1 September, there will be group exploration of the human starting area. More information about when and where our activities start can be found here.

That's it! Now we wish you all a merry last day before GW2 and hope to see you all ingame on Aurora Glade!

mrfidgit Id like to be added (ign Fierce Lotus)
dss_live Ohh, Hide and Seek. no one will ever find me !! *whispers* once i go through the lion's arch portal hihi*whispers*


Skydda a posted Aug 17, 12
We are planning a real-life guild meet-up!

Currently, the plan is to meet from 9-16 March 2013 in London. For accommodation, we planned on getting a holiday house or something similar. 
But as you might now, it's important to make a booking soon enough, so it would be great if you could all just head over to our organisation thread or, even better, fill in your information in our google doc (here's the link) and tell us if you will attend from 9-16 March or only a few of these days, and if you will spend the nights in a holiday house with us or not. Or... if you don't come at all, which would be a pity, because there will be t-shirts and stuff! 

Also, I'm still looking for someone to join the organisation team. If you're interested in planning, just contact me and tell me which part (accommodation search, program planning, "i can navigate my whole guild through London", ...) you'd like to take!


And then there was release.

Arawn a posted Jun 11, 12
And so, the last BWE has come to an end. Even though this time we were less numerous than before, we still had a lot of fun, so thank you all for playing! :]

Share and discuss your stories and impressions of the 3rd Beta Event in this thread.

Show off your BWE screenshots here, even though we were denied the luxury of high-res screenshots this time around.

And share any videos you'd like to show right over here.

(courtesy of Daenelia)
dss_live Wish I was there
skizo.9625 The expression of five's face is priceless
Daenelia Just saying that i enjoyed playing all the betas with all of you. And that i am looking forward to using mumble in game,...
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